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More About Shutters Q & A

Tampa shuttersOver the last decade or so, shutters have changed quite a bit. Even more so than twenty or thirty years ago when your only options were wood or a weak form of vinyl. Today’s composite or faux shutters come in quality options that are solid and strong, easy to care for, and can last a lifetime. As a professional Tampa shutter dealer and installer, we’ve put together a few questions that we most often get on our social media pages and answered them as good as we could for those wanting to know more about shutters.

Question: What are Faux Shutters?

Faux shutters are not wood shutters but are shutters made to look like wood. High quality materials are joined together to make composite shutters that can be named one of several types:

– Faux Wood Shutters
– Faux Shutters
– Composite Shutters
– Vinyl Composite Shutters
– Polyresin Shutters
– PolyClad Shutters
– Poly Shutters

Basically, all faux shutters that have any strength and quality to them at all are made of composite materials to give them added strength. The cheap version of plastic or pure vinyl that were made years ago and may still be around on the market. Imported varieties are often not the real thing and are sold cheap, but are still marketed as quality shutters. Real quality faux shutters consist of either the PolyClad or Poly Shutters that are available for your home, and they are manufactured by reputable, well known manufacturers like Hunter Douglas.

Question: What’s the difference between PolyClad vs. Poly Shutters?

PolyClad shutters are made of compressed wood and high quality vinyl. With equally high quality vinyl, the Poly shutters are made with a co-extruded aluminum core that gives them the extra strength. Highly durable, you have many benefits with these faux shutters types including:

– Guaranteed not to crack, warp, or fade
– Resistant to Sunlight or Heat
– Resistant to Bacteria and Moisture
– Baked in color won’t fade
– More affordable than real wood

Question: Can you paint faux shutters?

Yes, you can find faux shutters that you can paint if you want to. Manufacturers offer this option because there are many homeowners that need to match specific colors of paint for their shutters. By being able to customize the color options of your shutters, you have many more design style options.

Question: Can Shutters be installed on all shapes or styles of windows?

Most any window or fixed glass window can be fitted with shutters. Your professional design consultant will evaluate your windows and advise you as to what’s best suited for that location. Not to worry, most windows can be fitted with options in shutters, even sliding your home’s glass doors.

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